Shape Up Your Buttocks

If you are to view closely the parts of the human body, the buttocks is one of the fleshier parts. The butt is prone to excessive weight growth and build-up. The gluteus maximus muscle is present in the buttocks, and this is one of the most prominent among the gluteal muscles in the body. The gluteal muscles are recognized to be included in the hip, in terms of general physical structure. Since the gluteus maximus is more prominent however, this part of the buttocks achieves the best effect during exercising.

There are many benefits to be expected from butt exercises, apart from simple weight loss. The gluteus maximus is actually a huge and very strong muscle which extends the femur and maintains good posture when a person is in the standing position. It also allows the person to be able to stop once he or she has already started to walk. If your buttocks muscles are not fully developed, you could have difficulty moving around and even difficulty standing too long in one position. This means that butt exercises should be taken up by anyone, whether for professional purposes such as in a bodybuilder or for personal and health reasons alone.

With the importance of exercising the gluteus maximus on a regular basis, you can choose among a broad selection of exercises for the buttocks, depending on their efficacy and level of difficulty. The following are three excellent butt exercises, along with a few descriptions.

You can do the squats using a barbell and the right weight. Once you are already in a standing position, you need to secure the bar behind your neck, across your shoulders. Placing your feet aligned with your shoulders or even wider will allow you to concentrate on your glutes more. Then you need to bend down, with your knee being at a 90 degree angle. After you hold for a few moments, you can lift your body weight back up.

Stiff Leg Dumbbell Lift
Normally, this lift is used with a barbell, but for most females, a pair of light dumbbells is enough. You need to position your legs in a straight manner with your feet apart. Hold the weights in your two hands and bend your body so that the weight is nearer to the ground. You need to firm up your abdomen and keep your legs in a straight line. You will then lift your body and the weights up as you keep a tightening force to your glutes. You can either use a weight rack, barbell, or EZ curl bar for this.

Cable Hip Extension
You need to use a pulley weight machine for this exercise, but you need to maintain a low pulley option. You need to link an ankle cuff into the pulley cord, and finally you need to secure it to the ankle. You need to face the weight and hold the bar as you lean in a forward direction. Eventually, you need to lower back to the starting point. A cable machine is required for this.

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